Cold & Nitro Brew

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Kegged Cold & Nitro Brew Coffee!

How do we make the perfect cold brew coffee on tap?

  • We start with a carefully crafted blend and roast each batch to perfection.
  • We steep the freshly roasted beans, perfectly ground for optimal cold brew extraction, for 16 to 18 hours in pure filtered cold water to slowly extract a silky smooth, less acidic and more delicious tasting cold brew coffee.
  • Serving your customer is quick, easy, and fun when delivering from a keg and pulling from a tap! Pour over ice and let them enjoy a cup or two with their favorite add-ins.

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Take it up a notch!

Offer your customers a new and exciting coffee experience! Our signature cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen enhances the smooth, naturally sweet taste of coffee, giving your customers the creamy goodness they crave without the added calories. Watch the beautiful golden coffee cascade from the tap, and your customers enjoy the unique, velvety texture. Pours cold out of the tap – no need to add ice, cream, or sugar. A simple mix for a not-so-simple cup of flavorful nitro brew coffee!

Cold Brew and Nitro Brew coffees are the new premium priced beverages. Get a leg up on the competition and a boost in profits with our quality product in your shop!

Get in on the Action! This might be the trend that never goes away…

  • From the moment the coffee is kegged to the day it reaches your business, the product is always kept cold, from our temperature controlled refrigerated vehicles to your new kegerator.
  • Our top-of-the line kegerators are commercial grade, guaranteed to keep your kegs at the perfect temperature for serving, equipped with a digital thermostat for precision temperature control.
  • Each kegerator holds 3 kegs so you are always ready to quickly switch to the next keg, which will already be at the perfect temperature, when one has tapped out. Kegs are easy to connect and disconnect from nitrogen lines.
  • Kegs hold 5 gallons of coffee (640 fl. oz.), making it easy to keep up with high demand during peak hours.
  • Nitro brew kegs are clearly labeled and dispense nitrogen-infused coffee instantly.

Interested in becoming a Cold & Nitro Brew customer? Call Customer Service at 800-898-8393 to get started today!


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