Wicked Awesome Coffee

About Wicked Awesome Coffee


We created our Wicked Awesome Coffee brand in 2015 with the idea that our customers deserved the opportunity to put something new and unique in their homes and on their store shelves. Wicked Awesome Coffee accomplishes just that, with the same high-quality gourmet coffee that Boston’s Best Coffee guarantees to its customers every day.

Wicked Awesome Coffee is both a local brand for our New England customers to stand out from the crowd and a playful, lively brand to excite our customers around the world with the wicked energy of Boston-manufactured coffee.

Not from around here? Here’s a quick history lesson on how “wicked” became a staple of everyday New England jargon….  Well, we’re all wicked smart, with wicked great ideas and wicked great employees, not to mention wicked awesome coffee so just go with it, because no one really knows when or where wicked became what it is, and it’s wicked fun to say!

Wicked Quality. Wicked Selection. Wicked Price. WICKED AWESOME COFFEE.



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